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  • How do I know if Orton-Gillingham is a good fit for my child?
    OG is implemented when a child has a formal identificiation of Dyslexia or if a child has struggled with reading for a period of time while getting extra support. A free phone consultation is always sceduled to discuss needs before sessions begin.
  • What are the frequency and duration of sessions?
    OG sessions are 40-60 minutes in length and are scheduled at a minimum of twice a week. Ideally they should occur on nonconsecutive days. Structured Literacy sessions are 30 minutes in length and the frequency is flexible based on needs.
  • Can you attend PPT meetings?
    Yes! I am happy to attend PPT meetings and help you navigate the Special Education world through the literacy lens. I am not an advocate in the formal sense, but I can help explain your child's literacy needs to teachers and support staff at school. There are fees for PPT attendance, report writing and the review of reports from schools.
  • Are sessions in-person or remote?
    Please contact me to learn more about the services I offer based on your location. I am located in Waitsfield Vermont and offer in-person sessions in and around the Mad River Valley. I have just made the full time move from Connecticut to Vermont so the majority of my current students are remote. I can provide many references to speak to the caliber of our online sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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