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Early Literacy Labs

Together All the Way to Reading Success


Nicole Chick

Founder,  Nicole Chick, began her teaching career in 2005 as a first grade teacher after receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the UCONN NEAG School of Education.  Nicole most recently has taught Kindergarten and is a Literacy Specialist with her Certificate of Advanced Study in Remedial Reading and Reading Consultancy.   During her tenure as a public educator she has also taught at the university level and has supervised and mentored student teachers. She holds teaching licenses in the states of Connecticut and Vermont for elementary education and specialized literacy instruction. 

 Nicole has completed the Orton-Gillingham Associate Level Training through the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators and is currently working on her practicum. Nicole's passion is helping parents and students of all ages navigate the world of dyslexia.  Her other area of expertise is early literacy instruction and intervention for students in preschool through first grade. 

How It Works


Orton-Gillingham Approach

Comprehensive Literacy Assessment Sessions

The Orton-Gillingham Approach to teaching reading and spelling is explicit and systematic. It is completely individualized for your child based on his or her needs. It is implemented for students when reading does not come easily, including those with Dyslexia.

Is your child struggling in an area of reading and you are unsure of the cause?  Scheduling an assessment session can help.  Through a wide variety of assessments, we can identify strengths and areas of concern.  While a Dyslexia diagnosis can not be given, areas of concern for Dyslexia can be identified to then help create a plan to move forward.  

Structured Early Literacy Instruction

Typically, public schools use a Balanced Approach to Literacy.  Many students need a more structured approach when learning to read.  Contact us to learn how this could benefit your child. This can be uses as early as preschool to give your child a strong literacy foundation and can provide insight if grasping skills is proving to be challenging.

Literacy Consultations for Educators 

Are you a Balanced Literacy teacher who is looking to learn more about Structured Literacy and the Science of Reading?  Do you have students who are struggling and you want to learn how to better support them? Reach out to set up an hour long Zoom consultation to learn more about these areas to grow professionally. 


What Parents Have To Say...

Nicole has been wonderful for our son and is dedicated to understanding his individual literacy needs. She is so knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to teach him in a way that he understands. She is kind and communicative and always willing to help us advocate. Nicole is a wonderful person and we feel so lucky to have her on Owen's educational team! 

Laura K.

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